We are real people, just like you, who in our free time offer our skills, knowledge and abilities, working as a team to provide the assistance and support needed by so many people.

Some of us volunteer our counselling experience, some our cooking skills, and several regularly assist in the Charity’s essential fund-raising activities. We are all dedicated workers with a strong belief in team-work, however a special thanks goes to the tireless efforts of the fund-raisers whose firm belief in the work of the Charity has allowed it to continue offering its effective and valued service to communities around England and for the past decade.


This is our very personal and informal base, a place that looks like home, feels like home and gives home comfort. This is the central base for all our activities, although we have centres scattered throughout London and all over the country. Should you require any of our services, kindly contact us for an appointment with one of our specialist volunteers to ensure that you receive the best possible care and service we can offer.