A holistic approach to mental illness means that the patient’s physical, mental, and spiritual health will be diagnosed as a working whole. The patient’s overall health will be analysed according to his or her physical health, mental health, emotional state, as well as lifestyle, nutrition, and social factors. A holistic approach to treatment is particularly important in cases where the patient suffers from more than one disorder or illness at the same time.

What should a patient expect from Counselling Therapy?

A patient should expect one or a series of confidential appointments of up to an hour in length in a suitable relaxed setting.

Everything discussed between patient and therapist is confidential.

The therapist is trained to assist the patient in dealing with his negative feelings, and does so with genuine interested and a sincere desire to help the patient make progress.

The individual must wish to use the service, and make the approach themselves.

The process should also provide the patient with the opportunity to:

  • Make sense of his individual circumstances
  • Have contact with a therapist, who will help identify the choices for change
  • Feel supported during the process of change
  • Reach a point where you are better equipped to cope with the future
  • Attain an increase of self-awareness, skill acquisition, and independence.

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